Amy R. Schmitz ~ Artist & Designer
I am a Wisconsin artist with an education in graphic design and photography. My interests revolve around print, packaging, photography and jewelry design. I enjoy various mediums and am always willing to learn.

As a photographer I keep a visual record of the places and new things that I encounter. I often incorporate my photography into my graphic design work. The majority of my work focuses on color, nature, texture, and small details.

I design and create to express my ideas and solutions. I want to improve the existing situation for clients by creating visual solutions. Having a beautiful final product is the best part of being an artist and designer.

I am currently a Learning Designer with eBay Enterprise. In my free time I do freelance graphic design, a variety of photography projects and sell my jewelry designs online, in stores, and at events.

If you're interested in freelance design projects, photography, or custom jewelry orders please feel free to contact me. I am always interested in networking and meeting new, creative people.

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